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About Us

Welcome to Nazca! City of one of the greatest Civilizations of the Planet and Earth of Mystery!

Nazca Trips! is a dream company from Nazca with more than 15 years of experience. We specialize in tours to the Nazca Lines. We offer professional and authorized services. Vacation tours, attractions, activities, and the best experiences in the city of Nazca, Ica, Pisco and Paracas.

We are committed to providing quality services, security and personalized assistance in the all our tours.

We believe that traveling is the best way to grow, discover and feel new experiences as human beings; Sharing knowledge and culture.

Experience Nazca Culture firsthand through guided tours from locals.

Why Choose Nazca Trips?

- Flexibility: Because we have the flexibility you are looking for, adjusting the ride to you and not you to the ride.
- For You: Each Tour on our website are just suggestions, the day will be held according to your interests and curiosities.
- Quality: When you seek satisfaction with quality, comfort and safety, Nazcatrips is your choice.

- Vocation: We are in tourism by necessity, but above all by vocation.

- Knowledge: We want to show everything that this great Civilization left us; Its culture, its art, its wisdom, its people...

- Unique experience: Because we want to improve day by day, making every day a unique experience.

Our Team Nascatrips

Our team is made up of professional and enthusiastic local people who take pridein their rich cultural heritage and who have esceptional working experience.All of our guides are officially licensed and have tourism Degrees and are fully conversant in both English and Spanish.

Our Transportation

Wherever we need to use transport, we travel in our private van wich is fully serviced and reliable and complies with Peruvian safety and insurance regulations. Whenever the need calls for it, we sometimes have to use local transport to get to our given destination.In these instances your safety is always foremost in our minds and we do our best to make sure we get reliable local transport.

Our Programs

We offer a wide selection of local tours in the City of Nasca for all strengths.

*If you would like us to customize an itinerary for you,we are happy to help out! Contact us with all your requirements, i.e arrival and departure dates, places you wish to visit and we will email you a proposed itinerary within 24 hours.

Our Accommodations

We can arrange hotel accommodation for you. We use hotels of 2/5 stars that are well recommended and tourist approved.

Featured Tours


Get excited to see one of your life's dreams come true! Fly over the Nazca lines with true ambassadors from Peru. Efficiency, Security and Reputation with Nazcatrips.

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Discover the most important pilgrimage center of ancient Peru with more than 24km2

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The Grand Experience

Experience it all! Fly over the Nazca lines, walk through the pyramids, see the mummies in chauchilla, and more. Discover the legacy of the wise Nasqueños..

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Nazca Lines Your Way

Customize your own Visit to the Fascinating Nazca Lines from Lima, From Pisco, From Ica or from Nazca. EFFICIENCY, SECURITY AND REPUTATION WITH NAZCATRIPS Travel now !

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