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3 Hour Adventure Cahuachi Ceremonial Center

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Cahuachi, a major ceremonial center of the Nazca civilization in Peru, occupied between 200 BC - AD 600.The archaeological complex covers an area of 24 square kilometers and within its territory exist big pyramids, temples and platforms.

The ceremonial center of Cahuachi has a great importance, as it was there where the ancient Nazca culture developed. There is much evidence that indicates that the Nazca Lines builders prayed at Cahuachi, all this evidence is supported by the great array of artifacts and remains found at Cahuachi include engraved gourds with nature-related and abstract designs, nazca civilization textiles and ceramics, textiles and musical instruments, as well as the remains of a sacrificial child and dozens of Tombs containing mummies dating back 2000 years.

In Cahuachi also was found many potteries showing shapes of humans beings, animals and bowls, depicting an amazing iconography, which prove clearly that all the figures etched on the Nazca desert resembles those found painted on the pots found at Cahuachi.

In addition, there are many lines pointing from the area of the Nazca Lines to Cahuachi, which make us believe that the people who made the Nazca Lines had an intimate relationship with this place of religious ceremonies either used the roads as sacred paths And religious to get to the Nazca desert where you find these wonderful Nazca lines and figures.

Why book this experience?

1.See and be amazed at this place of worship that later became in cemetery

2. Find piece of pottery and archeological remains from Nazca Early

Price: $ 30.00 per person

Note: a minimum of 2 participants are required for this private tour. This tour offers you greater convenience and flexibility of time.


You will be picked up from your hotel in Nazca and taken in an air-conditioned vehicle for a sightseeing tour of Cahuachi. A bilingual guide (English/Spanish) will accompany you on this tour.

We will drive our private vehicle to the west of Nazca towards the lower section of the Nazca valley and we will pass through agricultural fields and wonderful desert landscape then following walking little bit more we will bump into many ancient fragments of pottery and humans remains.

Arriving at the Cahuachi our local guide will show us the most important sectors of Cahuachi, such as the Great Pyramid, The Stepped Temple, and the many other sectors that constitute the main attractions in Cahuachi. Finally we will take our private vehicle to return to Nasca.

At the end of the tour, you will be dropped back your hotel in Nazca.


1. Hotel pick- up and drop-off Roundtrip Transportation from select Nazca hotel.

2. Private guide/driver (English-speaking)


- 1. Meals & Beverages


- 3 hours


- Daily


- From:7:00 Hrs To 16:00 Hrs